Caitlin Covington: A Young Woman’s Journey with Faith

Meet Caitlin Covington, The Woman Known as “Christian Girl Autumn” to Discuss Faith and God. Here’s What She Said in Her Open Letter to Evangelicals and Evangelism:

“Some people want to claim that faith and science don’t make any sense, but faith tells us that science is wrong. That’s why faith is essential to education.”

Caitlin Covington is one of the best known and most influential voices for young people on social media. She’s followed by over 12 million people, and has over 25 million followers on Instagram alone. Here’s what she has to say about her story and what she’s doing now.

Tell us about your journey with faith.

I am Caitlin Covington, a young, strong, and intelligent young woman who is living in the United States. I am a college freshman – my freshman year! – who is majoring in human development and psychology. Yet my journey with faith is much more than this: It includes my life experiences, my spiritual life, my love for my church and other faith traditions, and the impact that faith has had on how I live my life.

What is faith to you?

I have not always been a religious person. I was raised in a Christian household in Kentucky, where my father is the pastor. In the eighth grade I attended a Christian school, but I did not attend church regularly until after I became a senior at college. That’s where I first encountered the concept of faith in my own personal experience, when I made the decision to go to a Christian college and to pursue a major in human development and psychology.

During my college career I learned about all the different types of faith traditions and realized that Christianity had more to offer than what I had initially thought it did. As a young adult, I began to focus more of my time on finding a faith tradition I felt was true and to share that belief with others. Eventually, because of my love and passion for my faith and because I thought it was important to share that with others, I became an ordained minister and launched my own public speaking ministry.

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