Cardi B Blasted Madonna, Rihanna, Diddy, and Madonna

Cardi B slams Madonna, calls her a disappointment after comments regarding her music legacy

Cardi B has blasted one of the most famous supermodels of all time, saying she is a disappointment to the music industry and that she should have stuck with the hip-hop. “All I’m telling you is what’s going on. And when this girl [Madonna], she said, ‘You can come to my show, I’ll take the crown off you,’” Cardi B said at a press conference in Los Angeles. “I’m all about the music. All I talk about is the music, and she’s saying, ‘Yo, I can take the crown off you and then I’ll take it off you.’ She talks something else when she’s in the recording studio.” In a video with her sister, Offset, Cardi B criticized a number of high-profile women in music and pop culture, including Madonna, Rihanna, and Diddy. “She shouldn’t be in the music industry at all, ‘cause you don’t be in the music industry at all. You just be famous — like a star,” she said. She added: “She’s a very disappointing woman. She is a disappointment to the music industry, and I think she’s a disappointment to the hip-hop and all types of music that she tried to make.” Madonna is a prominent target of Cardi B’s ire, as she said in an interview that Cardi is the reason for her falling out with the music industry. The comment came after Madonna stated that Cardi B did not deserve to continue her career. When talking about the current situation, Cardi B said she has been through a lot of negative things, and that

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