E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against President Donald Trump is unsealed

Trump deposed in defamation suit filed by E. Jean Carroll; claims U.S. govt. “has not just tolerated, but supported” the publication of her allegations of sexual harassment

The man who deposed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Clinton investigation, E. Jean Carroll, will be joined by her co-counsel, Andrew Cohen, at a press conference in Washington, D.C., this morning to detail charges against President Donald Trump.

E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against President Donald Trump was filed Wednesday afternoon and it was unsealed early Friday morning. That is the same day CNN reported that Trump has denied the sexual harassment allegations brought against him, specifically during his time in the White House.

In an interview with CNN’s Michael Cohen and Anderson Cooper, Carroll claimed that she was “sexually harassed all my life” and was threatened by Trump as a student at NYU.

Trump denies being a bully, Trump’s campaign says

On the legal front, Carroll is challenging Trump’s $25 million defamation suit filed on October 6, 2019, which argues that Carroll’s allegation that Trump “repeatedly engaged in aggressive, harassing conduct directed specifically at the Plaintiff” is not newsworthy, according to the lawsuit filed in a New York State Supreme Court.

“We will argue, in addition to the New York Times’ decision to publish, that publishing the article was reckless, given Carroll’s background,” Carroll told The New York Times.

“There was no question about whether the story was true or not true,” she told Cooper. “We’re going to win this, and then we’re going to win every case we can. This isn’t a fishing expedition.”

Her lawsuit will argue that the publication of Carroll’s sexual harassment allegations was reckless because the New York Times had an obligation to investigate her claims. “The Times knew exactly what it was doing with the article,” she said, and “no reporter could know that that was an

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