Eggs Are Not the Same

An Egg Yolk Omelet, Special Salad Dressing and a Negroni Sbagliato, Please!

After a recent night out in NYC, my husband and I returned home to an absolutely delightful housewarming. I took to my morning oatmeal, which is not my natural milieu, and after a quick glance at my fridge, noticed two very different eggs.

If it weren’t for the fact that we already had fresh eggs in the fridge, I would have turned my nose up at them.

They both looked like fresh, new eggs and looked delicious — I decided to try them.

So I proceeded to the kitchen where I placed them on a plate, put them in the fridge, and proceeded to prepare my meal.

I made an egg yolk omelet, which was a very basic, but delicious omelet. It is my new favorite breakfast food and is usually a complete meal that includes one egg, spinach salad, and a cheese sandwich. I even made a Negroni Sbagliato, which is a sweet cocktail of Italian rum, lime, and simple syrup.

Let’s just say, it was totally worth the effort:)

In my search for fresh egg recipes, I’ve come across various places that offer the recipe without substitutions. I’ve been very lucky — I don’t know if it’s lucky is a new word, because it wasn’t in my vocabulary before I started to read more.

I found out that you can use either hard-boiled eggs to make the filling, or you can use the soft boiled eggs to make the egg yolk.

Egg Substitutes and Omelets

This is what I have found out:

Hard-boiled egg

The yolk will not cook properly when it is soft-boiled for too long. It looks like “lumpy soup” and

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