HBO’s Game of Thrones finale is delayed until March 25

The ‘House of the Dragon’ season finale has arrived early — and not on HBO’s terms.

The official date for the season two finale of Game of Thrones is March 25th, but HBO doesn’t want fans to know that.

Instead, a few weeks before the finale, the network told THR that the finale will “make very clear” that “House of the Dragon” season 2 is “the final season” of the popular epic television series. The series finale will also not air on HBO’s premium series service until March 25, the network’s press release adds, though it’s unclear if it will be a one-off telecast, a repeat or something different.

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“The end of the season is coming and we wanted to make sure that when it was over the audience would be clear about where we are with our story and that we had made good on our promise to deliver on the final season,” said HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys in the prepared statement.

The network’s public stance on the season’s finality is a departure from what it offered last year, when it said the same thing in a promotional video announcing the season-two premiere date — and then didn’t reveal its plans for the finale when fans asked for details.

The delay came after a change of management in the network’s top executive, and the show’s creators had to consider the network’s plans — whether to keep the same characters or explore new stories — ahead of the season-two premiere.

“While we would love to get to a second season, we could not afford to risk leaving our biggest fans hanging on the hook of a cliffhanger,” said executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, in a joint statement.

“We wanted to make sure we delivered the ending that fans were craving, and the only way to do that was for us to wait out a year and leave the door open for a future season, just in case.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, when Bloys was asked if the new schedule is different for the finale, he said it was, but declined to discuss a potential change.

“Nothing is imminent,” he said. “We’ll have more to say about it. I have to be honest, we don’t

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