I am an Ignorant Idiot

Am I Living in an Illegal Sublet? – The New York Times

The New York Times recently wrote an article about the growing problem of landlords who sublet their apartments to illegal immigrants as part of a crackdown on illegal immigrants who are living in the country without legal authorization. One example cited in the article is, “An American in Mexico.” They do this because they can’t be arrested. The article goes on to claim that, “The subletting trend continues in all major U.S. cities, from New York to Los Angeles and Denver.” Not only is this not news, it is simply the same story as always when illegal immigration is mentioned. But there is one word missing in the article, and it was the one sentence that could have possibly made me, an ignorant idiot, laugh out loud.

To quote, “The illegal immigrant, usually working with a friend, arrives in New York or Seattle with one or two suitcases — sometimes a suitcase and the spare bedroom for his or her small child, no more.”

I am an ignorant idiot? I have known too many people that are that ignorant, and they have been the same as they always were. Immigrants are not the cause of the crime, they are the victims.

I have been living in this county for almost 8 years as a tenant and I can tell you that illegal immigrants are completely different from the people that live here. If you make the call, are you living anywhere other than that which you choose? I lived in the middle of nowhere for 2 years before moving to Florida and living the Florida lifestyle, which is totally different from the New York lifestyle.

Yes, we have illegal immigrants here. They don’t take our jobs and they don’t come to our fair cities and towns looking for jobs. Most of them come here to escape the problems of the country they came from. Most of them come here to take care of family and get a place to live that they don’t have to worry about.

How is it possible that you could live here for 8 years in a decent apartment without any issues (apartments in the city)?

Let me give you my opinion about how your apartment should

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