LOS Beaches Recommendation: The Supervisors voted unanimously for a public beach

4 Los Angeles County beaches remain under high bacteria warning

The county Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Wednesday to extend the alert for LOS (Lice-O-Soar) and Raccoon (La Jolla) beaches through Thursday, following the recommendation of the county-wide beaches advisory committee.

The advisory committee has been working to determine a course of action for the beaches – in part recommending that all beaches remain open – because of the high level of bacteria found on the beaches.

The committee issued the following statement on the LOS advisory committee recommendations:

“Recommendation No. 1: LOS beaches remain open. Recommendation No. 2: Recreational use of LOS beach is prohibited. Recommendation No. 3: Recreational use of all LA County beaches are prohibited.”

The recommendation to close the beaches came after a report showed the highest elevated levels of bacteria along the beaches.

The board’s Board President, Herb Wesson, also announced the county’s approval of the plan for a $5 million stormwater treatment system at the San Diego River. Read the full story.

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Cynthia Tummé-Brown, who lives in Mission Bay and has been advocating for a new public swimming area for generations, said she is very pleased the county Board of Supervisors listened to her and her request for a public beach.

There is strong opposition to allowing a public beach in Mission Bay, but the Supervisors listened to the public and voted unanimously for the recommendation. They said the beach would make a big difference on the beaches, keeping the county money that would otherwise go to the private beaches.

Cynthia said the public beach will be a much-needed addition to the beach-front community and will have additional benefits of bringing in more tourists. It will also enhance the safety, cleanliness and quality of life for all the beach community, she said.

The public comments about the LOS recommendation:

“My personal opinion is that LOS should remain open. Our kids don’t go to LOS for many reasons. They do go to the South Bay for family activities. This beach should be in Mission Bay as we are the last place they will be seen.

“We’re very concerned about their safety and the fact that they are near our children’

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