Maria Faris claims Ivan Reitman was abusive on set

Anna Faris claims director Ivan Reitman was abusive on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ set

Actress actress Maria Faris claimed Friday that disgraced movie director Ivan Reitman had been abusive on set, and that she and other cast were instructed to do things in front of the cameras that could not be shown in public.

In a bizarre statement Friday to TMZ, Faris said she had spoken with Reitman about what had happened and that she had asked an assistant to take video of some activities on set that Reitman did not like.

“I want to make it clear that I did not file a complaint or report to [human resources]. This was on set, there are many witnesses to the event,” Faris said in a statement to TMZ. “From past experience on this set, we have been instructed to do things that we have to do in front of the cameras, not so we can show in public but so we can record them privately.

“This is a part of our job that is very important and the staff has been instructed to not allow this footage up on social media, and not to release this footage to the media or other crew members.”

Ivan Reitman, who has long enjoyed a reputation as a liberal, was fired from his post as head of Sony Pictures Entertainment last month after the company found multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations against him at the company.

Faris’ statement is particularly unusual because it is not signed with her name and did not include her phone number.

In the statement, Faris addressed Reitman directly, saying “I have been with you for 22 years. I worked with you for nine months during the production on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend,'” Faris said. “I wanted to continue working with you, because you have been a champion of my career, but now I do not work with you anymore. Now that I have the

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