Peter Thiel Will Come Over to the U.S.

Goldberg: Why is Peter Thiel, a GOP megadonor, buying a Maltese passport? The question is not whether he will come to America. The question is whether he’ll come to the U.S. He was born here and will presumably apply. In any case, as long as he comes legally to the U.S., it doesn’t matter that he’ll be granted permanent political asylum, because nothing can prevent him from being deported whenever he decides he likes. The point is he might come to the U.S. anyway.

So far, there is no reason to believe he will ever come here. It’s a possibility, but it’s a remote one.

But he may come anyway. He might. And then we’ll find out if all this is really about money.

By the way, I think this is the most interesting development in the saga of Donald Trump’s rise and his alleged connections to Russians. It would be interesting to see the FBI and the Justice Department conduct a background check on Peter Thiel.

I would do that.

One thing is for sure. The FBI and the Justice Department are on the side of the Russian-American conspiracy. They are working together to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States. This is a powerful coalition, and they are working to make the world safe for Trump.

And I wonder, if Peter Thiel comes over to the U.S., will the Russians be able to identify him? Will the British intelligence agencies, or the Chinese intelligence agencies have some insight into his real identity?

Will he be allowed to come? Will the courts let him in? The answer to these questions will be very interesting. It will determine whether Trump is going to be able to achieve the great things he promised.

But first and foremost, it will determine whether the Trump administration ever gets over the Russia scandal.

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