Roger Federer retires from tennis

World of sport reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement announcement

The World of Sport has been informed that Roger Federer’s announced retirement from tennis will be taken as an opportunity for the organisation to look into the future of the sport by providing a stable and transparent mechanism for selecting the players that will succeed him.

In a media statement released today, World of Sport, led by its Board of Directors, confirmed the decision.

“Having seen the performance of Roger in recent years and being convinced that he deserved to be recognised as a World No.1, we have taken the decision that the best way for ourselves to give Roger proper recognition and opportunity is for us to allow the sport to move on without him as if he never had,” said World of Sport CEO Simon Fuller, “We’re pleased Roger will finally have the time to concentrate on his retirement from the sport that he has loved so much and will enjoy each day of his sojourn as a spectator and as a participant.”

“Our team will now be working on a structured plan, led by the former World No.1 and a team of the world’s top coaches, for the professionalization of the sport and the development of new stars in order to find the future World of Sport champion,” added Fuller.

The World of Sport is committed to the sport, in the interests of the athletes, and in the interests of the sport’s growth and future.

“Sport is not just entertainment, but something that brings together, and celebrates diversity and celebrates the spirit of the individual human being,” said Chairman of the World of Sport’s Board of Directors Dr Richard Buckland, “The world will miss Roger and we are delighted that he will be joining the global community of sports commentators and that he will be continuing to bring great tennis to the television and the internet.”

“At the time of Roger’s retirement, I fully expected there to be a big interest in his retirement from the sport and I can’t speak more powerfully on behalf of the World of Sport board than to say it is a great day for tennis” said the former World No.1. “I thank him very much for the opportunity and the memories I’ve shared with him. I want to express my gratitude to those who

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