Taylor Swift’s Frustration at the Music Industry’s Disrespect for Women

A New Taylor Swift LP? Metacritic Crunches the Reviews, as Fans Watch.

“The Swifties” just don’t get it.

Like many women across the country, Taylor Swift is taking to social media to vent her frustration at the music industry’s continued disrespect of women.

And, on the eve of the holidays, her frustrations boiled over as she criticized the record industry’s lack of respect for female fans, who she says she only wants to be treated with respect as humans.

She also compared the lack of respect that she’s receiving to the way men treat women.

“It’s like, why are you calling me a man.”

Since news of her recent rants began to spread, a slew of fans and critics alike poured scorn on her words.

But, what most fans did not expect was the outpouring of support that she received in response.

And, on the day Swift’s most-loved songs are released to the world, her fans showed up to prove they really do care.

It all started on Reddit’s /r/TaylorSwift, where a user named “The_Dude_With_A_Heart” shared an impassioned letter from Swift to Taylor Swift fans.

“When my album drops,” Swift wrote, “I want to be given the respect you have given me. I want to be treated as a human being. I want to be treated like a human being.”

“This album is a gift. I want the world to hear it. Because you have given it to me.”

After he shared the letter, Swift took to Twitter to express similar sentiments.

“I thought I’d write you a letter just because I think it’s important and I want to share it.”

In another tweet, Swift offered a different, more thoughtful view of her relationship with the fans, but, like Swift, fans felt this was

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