Terence Howard, 33, of Baltimore, charged with first-degree child abuse

Mother arrested, charged in child’s death after 4-year-old ate THC gummies, police say. Courtesy Facebook

Two-year-old Kaitlyn Brown is dead at her Baltimore home after she ate marijuana gummies that contained THC, police say.

Terence Howard, 33, of Baltimore, has been charged with felony first-degree child abuse. An arrest affidavit obtained by WBAL News said the child was left alone in July while he and his wife went on vacation, and she ate a variety of THC products.

According to the affidavit, Howard was “very intoxicated,” and he was “very angry and frustrated” when police arrived.

He was allegedly told the child did not want to be on the trip, and he became angry because Kaitlyn did not have a water bottle on her when they drove from Baltimore to a mall in Gaithersburg. He also said, “You have to stop acting like a baby. You have to act like a big girl, because I will slap you, too.”

Howard said he was watching a movie with his wife when he began “acting out.”

The affidavit said he told police he “didn’t mean to scare” the child, but the child had “an awful look on her face.” Police said they found a bottle of water and some THC products in the home, along with marijuana smoke, and other drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

A prosecutor filed a child abuse complaint against Howard on Friday. Howard waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Friday and is slated to appear in court for a trial on March 20. Howard is on probation, according to WBAL News, and is barred from being around children.

The affidavit said that while Howard and his wife were on vacation, the child was left alone with him in the home.

On July 7, Kaitlyn ate THC products and became “agitated, upset and began to cry,” according to the affidavit. The affidavit said that Kaitlyn was left alone in the home to “catch up with what she missed the most when she was on her summer vacation.”

The affidavit said that Howard “got very angry about her crying,” and accused the child of crying about him “just so he could get mad.”

The affidavit said Kaitlyn “

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