The Dijon Press’ Michael V. Todaro: A Conversation with the Press’ CEO

Grey Poupon’s Don’t Worry Dijon wants a taste of Olivia Wilde’s salad-dressing drama

The Dijon Press has a history of making bold movies with a healthy dose of cheese. (And if you need a reminder, see The Royal Tenenbaums.) But last year it also broke down the Berlin Wall for a documentary, and there will be more to come on that front this year as well.

The Dijon press has made a name for itself through its willingness to take on daring concepts that the mainstream industry doesn’t normally touch. Last year, the press made a new movie about the German siege of Paris in WWII, taking all the major actors of the era to give a look at what life was like for the men at the front at this pivotal time. This year, The Dijon Press will be releasing a movie that’s even more daring than that: a romantic comedy starring Olivia Wilde, based on the story of an aspiring chef named Holly who, after an unceremonious demotion, lands a job at a French restaurant to pay off her student loan.

The first trailer for the film, released in early November, showed the pair at work in a dimly lit kitchen, where the camera lingered on Olivia’s hands as she worked the meatball maker or the line cooks and sous-chefs. Since then, we have all seen the trailer, but here’s this week’s chance to pick the brain of the Dijon Press’ chief executive and co-president Michael V. Todaro. Below, our conversation with Todaro, who will be answering a lot of questions that you probably won’t have the patience for:

“The film is going to be like, ‘I don’t quite understand how this all happened,’ but they’ll all be like ‘oh, we all

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