The first case of a possible COVID-19 variant in Durham Region has been confirmed as positive

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases

This statement came from the Durham Regional Health Authority website following an announcement that the patient involved in the Halton Region and Durham Region cases of a possible novel coronavirus disease has now been diagnosed as having a variant of the coronavirus called coronavirus 2.

“I can confirm that the patient involved in the case in Durham Region has been diagnosed with a novel coronavirus 2 variant strain. We have therefore changed our protocols to reflect this information.

Our protocols are designed to identify cases that could potentially be a novel COVID-19 variant and that may have a higher incubation period. It is recommended that clinicians consider treating as COVID-19 even if the tests are negative. This will help to contain the outbreak and limit the impact our services have on our communities.

We are continuing to monitor these protocols, including the incubation period. Public health measures are being enacted throughout the region to mitigate any potential impact to the community.”

The Durham region’s Health Protection Officer, David Beech, provided updated information on the case in Durham Region, which was announced on Monday.

“We have changed our protocols to reflect this information,” said Beech. “We will continue with protocols that we have for this situation. In addition to the positive case identified in Durham Region, we have identified the following:

A case in Halton Region

A case in Peel Region

The Durham Region case is reported to be of age 67 and has two underlying medical conditions that have the potential to impact their course of the infection. The case has been confirmed as positive.

Halton and Durham regions updated information on the case

The first case of a possible case of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) disease in Halton Region was reported on Saturday, March 7.

The patient involved in that case is a 67-year-old woman who lives in Halton Region and has two underlying

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