The GOP is a conservative Republican

Letters to the Editor: Rick Caruso isn’t buying an election. His spending is protected speech; his donations are protected by Florida election law; and, as the law states, he may donate any amount and continue doing so indefinitely. Caruso has also stated publicly and on his website that he will not participate in any election, in particular the primaries, until a deal is done with the ACLU of Florida about how to address their right to be heard by all of their constituents, as spelled out in the Florida constitution.

Caruso may be in a tight spot if the ACLU says he’s in violation of the constitution and if the courts find him in violation of the constitution. Florida law, like much of the rest of our state’s tax, is a mess. The Legislature, as we’ve said before, needs to take a crash course in how to set taxes correctly.

But Caruso has, at least for now, chosen not to back down, and perhaps he’s right.

Caruso is a good writer, an excellent choice to edit the opinion page. In fact, it’s a shame the opinion has become the “Caruso” section. Hopefully we can restore that when we hire another Caruso editor.

The Caruso article was a good one to give more insight into the political mindset and background of Scott and the GOP. It’s good to see an outsider take note of the process and see the process as it is intended.

Caruso is to be commended for standing up to the Republicans and making a case for the process, but his editorial was a little bit too narrow, focusing on one issue.

Not every voter in the country is a conservative Republican.

We can’t expect every voter to be like a Rick or Rick as you see him now.

We’ve had to take great care not to turn up the volume, as the Republicans do, on one side of the spectrum or another.

Voting for the same party for 100 years does not make you a conservative.

Caruso, thank you for speaking truth to the

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