The Indonesian Football Association Says That PPS Fans Killed Four Players

129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match in Jakarta

The fans of the Indonesian team PPS were killed after their team lost to Kompang United in the 2019 AFC Champions League on Saturday. On the day of the match the home team went into the pitch in a full-force stampede trying to exit the stadium. The game was cancelled due to safety fears.

On the day of the match, there was a full-force stampede at the stadium. The fans of PPS, who were playing against Kompang United, were in a rush to leave the stadium only to see their teammates killed.

The fans of PPS decided to stop the game for five minutes, but when that did not work, they decided to try and run out the stadium.

PPS, who were playing in the third group stage of the Indonesian Premier League, were defeated 1-4 by Kompang United in the final group stage match of the competition on 6th September.

In less than five minutes, the fans of PPS killed four players and injured five others including players.

The Indonesian Football Association (PSNI) said that four players are dead and two people are injured. One of the injured player was later in critical condition.

The club’s president said that PPS were crushed by the fans who came in a mob, with the players’ helmets flying off.

The death of the players of PPS is a major tragedy for Indonesian soccer, with the players of the Indonesian National team, including coach John Aloisi, being killed in similar circumstances during games when fans have a mob mentality. In fact, the fans who stampede Indonesian football matches were killed in similar ways as the PPS fans.

Indonesia is going through a dramatic shift in politics and society which has affected many Indonesians. The president has been weakened as he has a low popularity and people are not sure if they can trust him.

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