The Man Who Was a Woman

Goldberg: Herschel Walker may be lying about an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Does it matter? Herschel, she was 19. Herschel was 18. I think she was 18.

Walker: I don’t give a damn what his age is, why doesn’t he give a damn? Because I don’t think he would ever have said a damn thing about a 19-year-old on his hands in a bar. And it’s one of the biggest mistakes you’d ever make.

Goldberg: Right, because she would never have been able to say, ‘Oh yeah, he was 19 and I was 19, we were both 18 and it was our first time’.

What you’re trying to say here, and it’s absolutely an interesting observation, is that the more she says, the more likely he is going to lie about her.

Morteza: You’re going to have to be a little more judicious about how you’re interpreting those words.

Goldberg: Yes, and more than that, I’m not sure if she was 17 or 18 at the time. Because you’re talking about how he was born in a place where women cannot vote, women cannot serve on juries in this county, women cannot take over the legislature, a place where they’re not educated.

Morteza: Exactly, right. I think that if he was, if he was born into a position where we can’t think about women’s rights, we can’t think about women serving on juries.

Goldberg: Yeah, and there was also an incident with his mother.

Morteza: Okay, I don’t want the words “incident with his mother” getting in the way of the words “incident with a woman.” It’s not like she was doing, you know, that kind of shit.

Goldberg: She was in the room, and there was an argument, and she called him a woman and he said he felt it was inappropriate. And they had to leave the room. And then he asked his mother, ‘Mother, is that the way you want me to act around women? Is that the way you want me to act around women?’

Morteza: Yes.

Goldberg: She said, ‘Son, I don’t think I would call my son a woman. He’s

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