The new face of Uttar Pradesh is not the one that the Gandhis would have expected or imagined

How the Gandhis went from ‘Kennedys of India’ to the political wilderness

New Delhi, Sep 4: It was a happy hour for the Gandhis as they received their golden statuettes at a party in Delhi on Wednesday. But there was a cloud hanging over the Gandhis – if not around them. The new face of Uttar Pradesh is not the one that the Gandhis would have expected or imagined.

Gandhi, after his death on April 10, 1991, was succeeded by his son Sanjay, who has served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh since December 2, 2017. The old Gandhis are no more.

Gandhi died in New Delhi from a heart attack. But his son continues to keep the place warm for his family and his political party. But what does he want to do with the place as per his father’s legacy – which was to work hard and take to the people?

On the one hand, the BJP government in the state continues to be weak. And on the other, the Congress remains in power. While the BJP has formed an alliance with the BSP and the Congress in the state, the Congress leadership is not ready to follow the government.

Congress is still in power.

The Gandhis went into the state politics after the party came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 1967, led by the late Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. At the time, only a few people were aware of their contribution to the country. The Gandhis played a role in the formation of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and of course in Uttar Pradesh. In the last few decades, they took the battle to Delhi.

The name of the Gandhis can be seen in the name of many other institutions, including a couple of schools in the country and over 40 institutions in New Delhi. The Gandhis have been instrumental in creating institutions like the Central University of Uttar Pradesh, Jantar university, Ramjas college, Pragati Narsee Monish college, Gandhin

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