The Russian tennis star says 2018 is not about height and pace

Elena Rybakina feels like she’s ‘not the Wimbledon champion,’ says life as champion ‘not the greatest’

This year’s Wimbledon didn’t start off well, with both Federer and Murray being sent out in the first set. It wasn’t a good start for Russian tennis star Elena Rybakina.

It’s been a busy start to the new year for the 25-year-old from Russia, who’s won this year’s Wimbledon doubles title partnering Svetlana Kuznetsova.

She’s also recently become the first Russian to reach the number one spot in the WTA rankings – and she’s not happy about her situation.

Elena Rybakina said: “The start of the year didn’t look like a great start, when I arrived in London I was a little bit disappointed – [I could not believe] that Federer was playing in front of us in the first round.

“It was very strange. But I know that it doesn’t matter – it doesn’t change anything. I’m happy to finally be number one, it’s a great start.

“I just feel like I’ve not done well, especially after the Wimbledon, and especially this year. I feel like I’m not the Wimbledon champion and life as a champion is not so great.”

Rybakina also had a disappointing start to 2018, she said, with her doubles partner Sveta Kuznetsova’s success.

She said: “I had a mixed start to the year with Sveta. I did a good start to the year with Sveta and then I had a bad start to the year.

“I couldn’t believe that Federer was playing against us in the first round. I had mixed feelings. I’m glad I’m now number one, but it’s also difficult. It doesn’t matter, I’m happy, I’m glad I’m at the top, but it’s tough.”

As for the women’s game becoming less about height and more about pace?

Rybakina added: “I think that men’s tennis is changing. I think that men’s tennis is becoming quicker. Look at [Roger Federer’s] games today he is faster. I’m used to that, I’ve played this for a long time.

“So I think that we have to change a little bit, have to have a

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