The Sierra Nevada

Letters to the Editor: Returning to the Sierra Nevada — a reporter took these readers on a journey

By Tom O’Dwyer

I just wanted to let you know what my time in the Sierra Nevada was like. I spent two days in Mammoth Lakes, went to Big Sur on a friend’s boat, and then went to the White Cliffs on the coast. I visited Chiriaco and went to some of the other sites I did not get to see on my first trip. You don’t need a “citizen scientist” to go to these places — it’s all there for you to see. I’d love to take my kid to see these sites.

There is a little more snow in the Sierra Nevada, but not too much. However, it is beautiful, and the white-capped waves of the Pacific were magnificent. In fact, when the wind was blowing hard, all you could hear from the water was the sound of the wind. The scenery was breathtaking.

My first trip to the Sierra Nevada wasn’t easy, and it was a real adventure. I have lots of friends and family that came with me. I think I was the only one that didn’t carry a camera to take pictures. But the pictures were very important to me. They were the evidence of the amazing beauty and natural resources of this remarkable part of our planet. I would like to think that these pictures would have helped me on my journey.

I hope that you and your readers got a chance to see some of the Sierra Nevada without having to drive too far, hike too far or take too many stairs. You can find so much beauty in these parts. Enjoy the trip and take lots of pictures.

Tom O’Dwyer

Mammoth Lakes

What a relief it was to return home to the quiet of the small town where my wife and I live. We were able to get some much needed sleep after our long and arduous trip, and after our journey in the

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